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How Credit Repair Works

You can’t drive how you want, you have to follow the traffic laws. Just like traffic laws the banks, credit bureaus, and creditors have credit laws they need to follow. A lot of times banks, credit bureaus, and collection agencies don’t follow these laws when reporting derogatory accounts. So, it's our job to help you by giving you all the tools you need to dispute inaccurate and unverifiable item on your credit report.

  • Pull your credit report!

    To discover what's on your credit report and determine which steps you need to take to improve your credit, it's essential to request your credit report. Use this link to pull your report

  • Identify Negative Items
    Once you have your report, review the personal information section, noting any outdated details, then identify and mark all accounts with negative statuses such as "In Collection," "Charged Off," "Late Payments," or "Bankruptcy.
    (Highlight all negative accounts)

  • Identify Your Hard Inquiries

    Next, make sure to circle, highlight, or jot down all the hard inquiries not tied to an open account. These inquiries should be challenged for removal. Example if you have a capital one credit card you must keep that inquiry on your report.

  • It's time to make your financial life easier

    Once you have your list of negative items, these are the accounts you should focus on challenging to get removed from your credit report. You will use one of the services below to start your credit journey!

Our Self Service Options


  • Guidance on disputing personal information, inquiries, collections, charge-offs, and repossessions.

  • Template letters included for disputes and resolution for any negative item on your credit report

  • Additional resources provided Pay-to-delete, goodwill, MOV, and debt validation letters

  • Access to third-party credit bureau and monitoring services

  • Tools for negotiating removal of negative items from credit reports

  • Guidance on building positive credit history and practices.

  • Access to free community Facebook group

  • Empowering individuals to take control of their credit journey and financial future

  • Most People See Results as Little as 30 Days

The Credit Recipe

  • Dispute Any Account with all 3 credit bureaus

  • Mail Letters for you

  • The software does all the work for you

  • You can do it from your smartphone

  • You can fix your own credit like a PRO

  • Unlimited Disputes

  • Most People See Results as Little as 30 Days

  • Just keep your credit monitoring service running while using TCR

  • No more excuses!!!

It Was Great Experience

This lady has a beautiful soul she is a great mentor/coach. She knows her stuff very humble and her customer service is a 10+. She goes above and beyond to help you get to where you want to be. She is the reason why i got motivated to open up my first 2 credit cards in 32 years. Book her she is great you will be happy with your results. Thank you for being you🙏🏽❤️ May the Lord continue to bless you and your business🙏🏽💯❤️👏

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Google Reviews

Delmeshia Smith

Kay is very professional and hands on with all of her clients. She takes time to explain to you the process of building credit. She also go above and beyond to educate individuals by utilizing Facebook live and classes to educate you about the importance of credit… I would definitely recommend Kay’s financial service to everyone I know!!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge on the importance of credit and helping educate the community!!!!

Reeby Lindsey

Today I took Kay’s Credit Masterclass & I got a better understanding about so many things regarding credit! The class was so informative & she made things easy to understand! She has a credit group on Facebook as well, so she’s just helpful on a regular basis! She also didn’t hesitate to make sure we understood everything. lf y’all missed this class, y’all better catch the next one! We leaving bad credit in 2022!!

Brianna Jackson

So far so good I love the fact that there keeping me updated without me have to check in with them a million times for a update and giving me a timeframe as to when I should hear or see any changes to my report

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Before I See Results

We get this question asked a lot. It really depends on your profile and your goals. Everyone profile is different with credit repair you can't put a time frame on it you must trust the process. Most of our clients see results within the first 30-60 days. That’s actually one of the best parts of choosing Kay's Financial Services. We help you reach your goals so that you can live the financial life you want to live.

How Long Does It Take To Fix Bad Credit?

There is no fast and easy answer to this question. The time it takes to repair your credit is completely dependent upon your personal situation. Our program is designed for you to complete the program within 90-180 days. We work with you, but we also need you to work with us.

Can I Repair My Credit On My Own?

Yes, you can. We offer our own DIY (Do it yourself) kit that will walk you through the steps you need to fix and build your own credit. Join our FREE fakebook group to get started. OR check out our self-service option. The Credit Recipe (

If You Remove An Item From My Credit Report, Does It Eliminate The Debt?

No, removing an item from your credit report does not automatically eliminate the underlying debt. If an item is removed, it means that the information related to that particular debt will no longer appear on your credit report, but it doesn't erase the debt itself. You would still be responsible for paying off the debt, and the creditor or collection agency could pursue collection efforts or legal action to recover the amount owed. It's essential to address and resolve any outstanding debts even if they are no longer on your credit report.

Why does different websites show different scores?

There can be several reasons why your credit scores might vary between Experian and other websites. Each credit bureau uses its own scoring models and algorithms to calculate credit scores, resulting in potential variations. Additionally, different websites may use different credit scoring models or versions, which can lead to differences in the scores you see. Furthermore, credit scores are dynamic and can change over time as new information is reported to the credit bureaus. If you want to see your most accurate credit score, go to the Experian website.

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